Epic epoch bumpy chart and custom periods

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freddie2310 asked 2 months ago

I would like to create a bumpy chart with the epic epoch script and to use the custom periods I previously defined. But the only chart I could obtain does not display my custom periods but “numbers” from 0 to 1 according to the number of time slices I can tell Cortext but never according to my custom periods.
Would somebody please help me with that?

freddie2310 replied 2 months ago

Any help?

1 Answers
Lionel Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Dear Frédérique,
Unfortunately, Period Slicer script will tag your custom periods as numerical values: the first period define will be named as 0, second one as 1…
But as the pump Graph is a svg, it is also possible to download it, and modify it in your favourite vector graphics editor, as Inkscape.
So, for now, even if doing it add only few minutes more, it requires some manual tweaks.

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