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reginaD asked 2 weeks ago

Pourriez-vous spécifier quelle est la différence dans le mode de calcul « Frequency computation level” à l’échelle du document et à l’échelle de la phrase ?
Bien cordialement,

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Lionel Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Dear Regina,
Frequency computation level” will provided you the ability to measure how redundant a form is in your documents or not. The frequency of terms can be computed at the document level (meaning that terms frequency are computed based on the number of distinct documents they appear in) or at the sentence level (default choice, meaning that the repetition of a terms across sentences will be taken in account in the occurrence calculation).
As the frequencies of a term (main form) are calculated during the indexation process (so, after the extraction and selection of the relevant keywords), results for “Frequency computation level” are stored in the folder indexed_list, inside the multiterms_statistics_expanded.csv file.
I hope It helps

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