Epic Epoch

Epic Epoch is a simple script for tracking dramatic changes in the composition of a field over time. It acts in three steps:

  • First, the N most frequently occurring entities are selected at each time period,
  • A frequency timeline is built for each of the selected terms
  • A bump graph shows the evolution of frequency and ranking through time


The variable you are interested in tracking in your database

Size of the Hierarchy:

The number of top entities to consider at each time period

Normalization of frequency count:

Activating this feature will forgo raw frequency count and count in percentages

Note: Clicking on any of the white rectangle dividers within a word’s journey will highlight it’s entire dynamics.

Number of time slices:

Number of time periods in which you want to divide the visualization

Time slices distribution:

Regular will cut into uniform periods of time. On the other hand, homogeneous will divide time frames so they contain the same number of documents

Overlapping periods:

This will allow the time slice distribution to overlap different time periods (particularly useful if you are using homogeneous distribution).