Corpus List Indexer does not index time data

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Bobbele1 asked 5 years ago

Hey guys,
I just wanted to create some egonetworks for the central nouns of my thesis.
I was doing everything as told in the documentation and the video tutorial.
So, I first uploaded my corpus and conducted a term extraction. That worked out.
As the required time data are within the text, I started List Builder in order to extract the annual details. This script did also work successful.
Then I downloaded the list, I extracted the time data by using Excel, and inserted a column called “year” directly next to the entity coloumn. So the edited sheet was separated into entity – year – frequency – number of distinct documents. I also kept the original columns for re-indexing.
So I uploaded this csv file as a terms list to cortext again. After that I tried to re-index that file to the corpus using Corpus-List-indexer.
The field was again “text” as this is where I took the time data from. I checked “enter a dictionary with equivalent strings” in order to select the right file. Then I renamed this file “Isipubdate” and started the script. Taking a look at the new list I had to realize, that it does not contain any time data.
Where is my mistake? I also tried to conduct this step without renaming the file “Isipubdate” and I also tried the whole process with a new Excel file only containing the columns “entity” and “year” just like at the video. I tried  it dozens of times –  always the same result: no time data at the list.
Can anybody help me out?

Best regards,