CorText is acting weird.

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matias.milia asked 1 year ago

Something seems off with CorText. Commands don’t respond as usual, and the project dashboard do not works properly. Also, I’ve noticed that as I add comments to my analysis, it sometimes won’t be saved correctly. Also, as I ask Cortext to do some analysis, it just sends them to a queue. A summary:

  1. Project dashboard. I had an empty project that now mirrors everything I’ve tried to do in another project. As I enter the project, it is still empty. UPDATE: now I can’t access the new project. I will just send me to another one.
  2. Queues. Pretty much all the analysis asked is being queued, also the most simpler one.
  3. Comments. Comments don’t save properly.
  4. UPDATE: I’ve managed to access OK to old projects, and analysis run perfectly there.

It is not such a big deal, I’ll wait a couple of hours, and it might be back to normal. Anyway, I thought it could be useful for you to get a heads up on the matter.

Lionel Staff replied 1 year ago

Please keep reporting if something weird happened again.
You may want to clean your projects and results.

Many thanks

matias.milia replied 1 year ago

Do you mean every result on every project? or just these two projects that I have been having trouble with?
I am more inclined to do the second. I will do that, and see what happens. I hope it is enough.

Lionel Staff replied 1 year ago

I mean we have solved the issue today.
So, normally, you should find again the expected behaviour!

matias.milia replied 1 year ago

Great, I am redoing the analysis. I will keep you posted on the results!
Thanks again!!!

1 Answers
Lionel Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Matias,
Strange! Thanks for reporting this behaviour. We are working on it.