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katharina_kaeppel asked 6 years ago

Dear community, 
I want to do some basic descriptive analysis of my corpus, e.g. seeing the time distribution of the pulications. However, running the demography script and selecting Years only yields the interactive map including the last 3 years- 2016-18, although my corpus includes references from 1960 onwards. 
I would like to see a graph similar to the one on the website here:
Thanks a lot!

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Lionel Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Katharina,
It should be quite straightforward. In your project:

  • Select the script “Demography”
  • Select the corpus (you need a column known as the temporal variable by CorText Manager web App. It is asked during the importation process for custom data in csv or it is defined by default for known data format)
  • Select “Number of items to consider”
  • Select the variable you went to follow through time (e.g. Countries);
  • Click “start button”


  • In the windows results, click on “temporal evolution”
  • Click on the yeas that correspond to your data (e.g. basic_statistics_Countries_20ISIpubdate.html)
  • Click on “stack” instead of “pct” (pct is the default visualisation mode).

That’s it !