How to read Sentiment analysis ?

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Rome asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone, 
I’m new to Cortext, and I can’t find how to read Sentiment Analysis. I’ve got numbers on Sentpola(rity, i guess), sentsubjec(t).
Can anyone tell me what those numbers mean ? 
Thank you very much, 

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Lionel Staff answered 4 years ago

Welcome to the CorText’s user community, I hope you will enjoy CorText Manager!
Have you checked ?
Another interesting resource is accessible at the end of this page, there:

Observation: We can see the output is categorized between two — Polarity and Subjectivity.
Polarity is a float value within the range [-1.0 to 1.0] where 0 indicates neutral, +1 indicates a very positive sentiment and -1 represents a very negative sentiment.
Subjectivity is a float value within the range [0.0 to 1.0] where 0.0 is very objective and 1.0 is very subjective. Subjective sentence expresses some personal feelings, views, beliefs, opinions, allegations, desires, beliefs, suspicions, and speculations where as Objective sentences are factual.

Rome replied 4 years ago

Thank you very much for your quick answer ! It really helps me 🙂
I checked the documentation but it was a bit too general.
Thanks to you, I can understand much better my analysis.