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Beadavi asked 3 years ago

Is there a way to improve the visibility of a PDF map of the network mapping script by reducing the number of links or nodes displayed only on the image while keeping identical parameters/clusters? Or to hide the edges?
Moreover, when importing the gexf map in GEPHI, even when selecting the option to display the size of nodes according to the frequency, this data never appears in the data table, do you know why?
Thank you in advance for your answers
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Lionel Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Béatrice,
In CorText Manager, same parameters will lead to the same results and same visualisations. Except for some marginal changes with some clustering algorithms, the visualisation will not change in terms of edges. You can hide some nodes with the option “selectively remove certain node labels from the pdf map” in the “network analysis and layout” tab, but that all.
To remove some edges which are in specific situations, you may want to play with “Number of top edges to consider” and “Number of top neighbours to consider” parameters in the Edges tab. For example, the “Number of top neighbours to consider” will make you able to keep what is locally important, without changing radically the overall structure of the network.
For Gephi, in the file, you can directly open the gexf. The values are stored in the weight field. “frequency” and “cooc-sum” are for nodes (and not for edges) and they appear without any difficulty in the weight field in Gephi data laboratory. As it is what this software is using by default to calculate the values of nodes (and edges).   
I hope it helps!
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