Invite a co-worker not functioning?

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Davide Rizzo asked 7 years ago

Hi there, 
my question is on a marginal though useful tool: invite a co-worker. 
I would like to invite co-workers to join a project that I created in cortext managerv2. For that I click on the + in the bottom left part of the window. The system proposes me to start writing a name then two options: (1) picking an existing profile or (2) writing the full e-mail address then sending the invitation. I tested both cases. A message: “the invite has been sent” appears, yet nothing happens afterwords. I obtained the same (non) result either using Chrome or Internet Explorer. 
The question: how can I invite co-workers?
I will appreciate you help.
Best, Davide

2 Answers
Lionel Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Davide,
Were your co-workers already have an account in CorText Manager?
By using exactly the same email than the one they use for their accounts, they should receive directly the invitation inside the CorText Manager Web application (a blue “pop up” box should appear at the top of the web page asking to accept or not the invitation).

Davide Rizzo answered 7 years ago

Thanks Lionel for your prompt reply. 
So, the condition to invite a co-worker is that the he/she already registered to the Cortext Manager.
Did I get it well? I was misled by the message: “No co-workers found : you can send an invite.”

Philippe Breucker Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Davide,
No: if the person you try to add is not yet a Cortext user, you can send him an invite by typing his email and hit the “send invite” button. He will receive an email with instructions to create an account. After the account is created, he will see an invite notification to his dashboard when he logs in, which he has to accept to be part of the project. The email he uses to create the account must be the same as the one you entered. If not you can always send the invite again with the right email.