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Déborah Abhervé asked 3 years ago

I am working on a corpus of 5592 articles and I don’t manage to see it with Corpus Explorer (it works if I select only 10 or 100 items to show). So, I suppose there is a number limit for this script ?
(It is a TXT corpus, with the text of full article in each line).
Thank you for your help !

2 Answers
Lionel Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Déborah,
Normally it should be quite straightforward:

  • Make sure not to restrict the number of entities in the script option: Number of entries to show (by default, all entries are shown)
  • Run the script and wait
  • Open the reader (click on the eye icon on the right of the reader.html file)
  • And click on the Show 10 entries drop down menu, and select All

I hope it helps

Déborah Abhervé answered 3 years ago

Dear Lionel,
It works like that when I restrict to 100 entries. When I don’t restrict, the file seems empty, “showing 0 to 0 entry”. But, in fact, I think that it is just heavy and long to show the content. When I click on “CSV” to export the file, all the 5592 entries are there !
(but the file is too big to download it on GoogleSheets…)
Thank you for your answer