Network Centrality Metrics: Degree, Betweenness, Closeness

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Carolina Vasconcelos asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone,
I have performed network mapping and wanted to assess some network centrality metrics, such as degree, betweenness, and closeness. Do you know if I can obtain these measures directly from cortex manager?
Also, the file has some csv and excel files, but I don’t quite understand what these files are or what information they contain.
Thank you so much!

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Lionel Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Carolina,
You can visually play with some of these measures using Network Explorer web interface, and you can use the .gexf file produced by the Network Mapping script to make further investigations in a third party software/libraries. Gephi is a good software to easily explore and make new calculations based on data stored in the gexf.
In the network mapping script results section:

See the pictures! You may also want to read this related question posted by another user.
I hope it helps

The .gexf file

Network Explorer Web Interface




Carolina Vasconcelos replied 3 years ago

Dear Lionel,

Thank you, you were very helpful!