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Julien Pelet asked 2 years ago

I have seen that once your data has been parsed you can download the database it is stored in as a .db file. I wanted to open this db file to look inside, correct some of the data, and eventually add variables, but unfortunately I can’t manage to do so. I tried to open it with microsoft access without success, and I find no other programm on my computer to do so. What would you advise to do in this case ? Is there still a possibility to open the .db file generated with access ? and to reupload it on Cortext afterwards ?
Best regards,
Julien Pelet

1 Answers
Lionel Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Julien,
See these two links to know a little more about the Cortext Manager data format :

I hope it helps !

Julien Pelet replied 2 years ago

Thanks, I went through the documentation and found some answers. I still wanted to ask you if you knew a way to import the .db file exported from cortext in Microsoft Access ?