Running a script on an old dataset by restoring the distribution by clusters

CorText Manager Q&A forumRunning a script on an old dataset by restoring the distribution by clusters
Beadavi asked 3 years ago

I have done some time ago an analysis (Network mapping) according to a distribution of references by clusters and I would like to run a contingency matrix script with a cluster projection variable based on this old distribution. I have tried to re-run the nettwork mapping script many times with the same parameters to find an identical distribution but I can’t, the result is different each time.
How can I proceed? I have the gefx file and an excel corpus explorer extraction with the UT WOS keys and the clusters associated with the references, can they be used to restart this script? The contingency matrix is based on journal title and I didn’t extract this variable in corpus explorer.
Thank you in advance for your answer

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aleabdo Staff answered 3 years ago

From what you describe, I assume you deleted the database that had your desired clusters.
What you can do is:
You can parse your corpus, download the database, add the clusters to it, then upload the modified database to CortextManager.
If you don’t know how to format the cluster data, just download any database for which you’ve added clusters and see how they’re formatted.