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Julien Pelet asked 2 years ago

I’m currently building a grey litterature corpus in order to analyse it with Cortext. I had some questions regarding the coding of cited references in the database I’m creating. When Cortext is used maps networks with elements from cited litterature (for instance based on a database exported from the Web of science) which information is used to identify the single references ? Is it  the code including the Author and the title of the article,etc. used in the WoS database (Cited reference field), or only the DOI ?
Thank you in advance for your answer 

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Lionel Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Julien,
Yes, the CR field is used to build the maps! Based on the information provided in that field, CorTexT Manager is doing some pre-processing steps, in order to build a new field (named ISICitedRef in the SQLite bd or Cited References in CorTexT Manager web interface). This field is structured as follows: “FamilyName Initial(s)OfTheFirstName_year_ShortJournalName”
I hope it helps!