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Julien Pelet asked 12 months ago

I’m currently building a grey litterature corpus in order to analyse it with Cortext. I had some questions regarding the coding of cited references in the database I’m creating. When Cortext is used maps networks with elements from cited litterature (for instance based on a database exported from the Web of science) which information is used to identify the single references ? Is it  the code including the Author and the title of the article,etc. used in the WoS database (Cited reference field), or only the DOI ?
Thank you in advance for your answer 

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Lionel Staff answered 12 months ago

Dear Julien,
Yes, the CR field is used to build the maps! Based on the information provided in that field, CorTexT Manager is doing some pre-processing steps, in order to build a new field (named ISICitedRef in the SQLite bd or Cited References in CorTexT Manager web interface). This field is structured as follows: “FamilyName Initial(s)OfTheFirstName_year_ShortJournalName”
I hope it helps!