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Emma Udsen asked 3 years ago

We would love to create a network map based on a term extraction which will shod the terms and their co-occurence as the nodes of the network map, but we cannot figure out how to do it. I have found a place where it is done, and wanted to know if CorText manager supports this.
I might believe our term extraction is wrong, as after running the script it creates a tsv file and not a csv file, do you know why this is the case? When we then want to create a network map, there is no such variable called “terms” only the ISItermextraction variable, which usually works fine :). Just wanted to check if it was a problem for the system. 
Any help on this would be much appreciated! 

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Lionel Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Emma,
We have moved recently from CSV files to TSV files for the all the results produced by all the scripts which are analysing textual contents.
Thanks to your comments we have updated some sections of the CorText Manager documentation, but screenshots are still showing csv files.
So, as it is now :

  • CSV files: are for calculated results which are not supposed to be modified;
  • TSV files: are of terms lists, dictionaries… that users can modify before re-indexing the corpuses.

But, finally, TSV is just a tab separated text file, while CSV is a comma separated text file. All the scripts can work with the two types indistinctly.
Terms variable is added for your first lexical extraction (and named in the sqlite bd “ISIterms”). But if you customize (using Optionnaly you can name the new indexation that will be generated parameter) the name of the extraction (e.g. “extraction”), the custom name is added (e.g. “ISItermsextraction”).
I hope it helps