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Kingdom Aglonu asked 1 year ago

I did a term extraction to be used for my network mapping. Some terms are irrelevant, and I deleted those terms and resaved the .tsv file.  When I tried doing the network mapping, it went ahead and used the original file including those terms I didn’t t want. How can I use this newly saved file for my mapping?

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Lionel Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear CorTexT user,
You should index again the dataset, in order to apply the updated keywords list to the date themselves.
Example, for a dataset named chloro-sci-2014-2020-v02.db:

  1. CorText Manager > Terms Extraction > chloro-sci-2014-2020-v02.db > title + abstract > List length = 150 + Number of time slices = 2 + time slices distribution = homogeneous
  2. Updates on the term list
  3. CorText Manager > Corpus Terms Indexer > chloro-sci-2014-2020-v02.db > Abstract + ISIID + Keywords + Title + Optionally you can name the new indexation that will be generated = terms-cleaned
  4. Do other calculation on the field named terms-cleaned 

I hope it helps