Trouble parsing a SCOPUS corpus

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katharina_kaeppel asked 6 years ago

Dear community, 
I uploaded a Corpus as xls file (zip) that I had before cleaned in OpenRefine. I had worked with it before on Cortext and all went well. 
However, now the demography does not work anymore as it says: 

There is only one time-step in your corpus!

Apparently, Cortext does not identify the variable "Pupdate" of my references. But in my excel file this column correctly includes all years of publication from 1971 to 2018. There is no problem with the other variables, so that I do not understand why there is a problem with this one

Maybe someone has an idea? Thanks for your help!
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Lionel Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Katharina,
The basic way to import data from scopus is to use RIS export format and import it through RIS(scopus) parser in CorText Manager:
If you have modified and cleaned or enrich your dataset (which is a good idea), form Excel (or even better from LibreOffice) you can save your file in a csv/txt format with tab-separated. Paid attention that multiple values for one variable in a document must be separate in the same cell (we are traditionally using *** as the default separator for multiple values).
At this point :

  • Zip it
  • Upload your zip file in CorText Manager Web application.
  • And use the robust csv importer. In the importer window, you will need to define wich variable contains the time values with the Time Field paramter.
  • You must put the exact name of the column (which contains year, for example) and if needed define how is the structure/format of your date/time variable (Date Format parameter)

Enjoy !