Avoid monograms with verb and adjectives?

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Andreas Birkbak asked 8 years ago

When using the terms extraction script, I like to make use of the ‘no monograms’ setting to make sure I get more meaningful terms consisting of more than one word. But when I change the ‘advanced settings’ to use verbs or adjectives as the ‘grammatical criterion’, the scripts seems to ignore my wish to avoid monograms. It returns a terms list consisting of single words. But it might be more interesting to have phrases around verbs, and especially adjectives. Any thoughts? Is this an error or have I misunderstood something?

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Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Andreas, Adjective and Verb search are actually only designed to extract single adjectives and verbs and not phrases around those grammatical entities. The monogram option is then deactivated when this setting is chosen. The form should adapt accordingly, sorry about that. To extract words around any given word you could try to use the pivot word option which provides a way to identify any phrase containing a single word. For instance DNA mutation, DNA sequence, ancient DNA, etc. Or around a verb, etc. The phrases you will extract will still be noun phrases by default, if you want to extract more diverse grammatical expressions, you should first deactivate the linguistic pre-processing  in the advanced settings.  

Andreas Birkbak replied 8 years ago

Thanks J-P, that was very helpful!