Can’t open .db files

mayu1612 asked 8 years ago

I uploaded a zip file that consists of 12 txt. files as a corpus then “import corpus” with an isi format, but I can’t open the dataset .db file.I wonder if it’s because the original file is too small in size or I need to install a certain programme in advance.This is my pilot project simply intended for extracting terms from selected documents (not from journals, they’re retrieved from The Internet Archive and converted into txt. files) and I would also appreciate if someone could tell me the following procedures to make word clusters.Best,

1 Answers
Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi!   My advise is to watch the short video: which pretty much covers what you need. For basic use, it should not be necessary to download  .db files. However .db files can still be downloaded and opened using third party softwares capable of reading sqlite database such as SQLITE manager for instance (