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orianabras asked 8 years ago

Dear colleagues, I am detailing the top cited references in my database. One of them in fact corresponds to two different articles from the same author, same year, and same journal. I know I can confirm this by manually checking both complete cited references in the original ISI file. This is quite difficult to do in a reliable way. Is there other way to do it faster and more reliably? I’ve tried Sqlite manager but it only gives me author, year, journal, which in this case is not enough… Thank you for your collaboration!

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Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 8 years ago

Unfortunately, there is no entirely safe automatic way to address this problem. Sorry about that…  

orianabras replied 8 years ago

Merci Jean-Philippe! I found a way to do this through Sqlite manager, I did several queries to verify the different page numbers of the cited references of same author same year. I could then see their frequency in the database and figure the more cited ones.

Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff replied 8 years ago

smart move !

orianabras replied 8 years ago

I asked for help to someone who knows how to work with sqlite. It took us some time to figure out rows and ids… but we managed! 🙂