Cooc_deviation scale

Amy Weissenbach asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I am using cooc_deviation to shade heat maps, and I’m a bit confused about how to interpret the scale. The documentation suggests that a cooc_deviation measure of “2” means that a term’s number of citations in a document type is “twice what should be expected” if terms were uniformly distributed across document types. But in that case, how to make sense of cooc_deviation scores between -1 and 1?
I have a corpus of letters, and I’m trying to create a heat map to look at what people say in typed letters as compared to handwritten letters. The scale on my heat map goes from -0.2 to 0.2. I’m guessing that this means that for terms shaded at 0.2, they appear 20% more often in typed letters than one would expect if terms were uniformly distributed across typed and handwritten letters? (And that if the measure were 2.0, then this would actually indicate that the term appeared 200% more often, not 200% as often…?) If I’m wrong, what does a cooc_deviation score of 0.2 mean?
Thanks very much!