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Mate Foldi asked 6 years ago

Hey all,
I have uploaded a Factiva file to Cortext, which I then downloaded in CSV format and cleaned up on Open Refine. However, my date column has been put into the following format: “1 September 2018”. How can I change this to the required Cortext format?

Thank you!

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Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Mate, 
CM only manages to parse dates formatted this way: Y-m-d, 2018-10-15 for instance.
It is probably possible to use some excel/open office functions to modify the formatiing of your data.
Please note, that factiva exports can be readily imported in CorText using html files as explained here: 
Good luck

Mate Foldi replied 6 years ago

Thank you very much!

Mate Foldi replied 6 years ago

so I have cleaned my dataset and most dates are now in the YYYY-MM-DD, but some are YYYY-MM-D — so 2018-01-01 vs 2018-01-1 . Does this pose problems for Cortext?

Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff replied 6 years ago

The datetime library from python is used to parse dates (using function strptime). I think it should be robust to this but worth to be checked manually after the data was parsed (original date string will be kept!)