orianabras asked 8 years ago

Dear colleagues, I am doing heatmaps to see the degree of thematic specialization of several institutions along time. I can do the heatmaps for some institutions while for others I cannot. In this last case all I get are maps showing clusters of themes and tagged with institutions but not the red stains’ maps. What can be the reason for this? These are the top 20 institutions so I think it is not because they don’t have enough papers. Thank you very much. Oriana

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Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 8 years ago

Heatmap will fail if you do not enter the node you wish to project in exactly the same form it is recorded in the database. Be careful as even capitalization matters. It is advised to use list_builder first to get the original list of entities in a given table. Good luck !

orianabras replied 8 years ago

That was the problem indeed… Many thanks!