historical radar error

etancoigne asked 8 years ago


congratulations for Cortext v2! I’ve tried to create a historical map based on cited refs (Scopus corpus). Unfortunately it ends up with an error (whatever the measure used).  The error file (no log anymore?) ends with

2016-11-09 20:58:34 INFO : Preparing historical map

I also tried in v1 (with default parameters), and got an error as well.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/srv/local/web/cortext/manager/scripts/analysis/analysis.py", line 2325, in 
    date = int(result_pubdate[cle])
KeyError: 949

Any idea?



2 Answers
Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 8 years ago

It seems like some articles are missing a date (only two of them from what I could see apparently) ! It probably comes from a flawed parsing of the original data (or from the original corpus itself). I’ll investigate and try to make the parsing of RIS (?) files more robust.

Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff replied 8 years ago

I’ve just modified the scopus parser which will ignore any article without a date. Discarded items will be listed in the log

etancoigne answered 8 years ago

Great, it works! Thank you.