How do I apply certain ‘Time Slices’ to different scripts?

CorText Manager Q&A forumCategory: Time processingHow do I apply certain ‘Time Slices’ to different scripts?
matias.milia asked 6 years ago

Well, I think that I might be doing something wrong. I have been trying on and on, and it really strikes me as something totally doable; but I can’t get it done. So I am in a sort of standstill.
The thing is that I have a corpus exported from SCOPUS (.ris) with many articles published between 1992 and 2016. I would like to run different scripts over them for four periods: 1992/2001, 2002/2006, 2007/2011, 2012/2016. I have run the ‘time slices’ script (using the suggested code [1992:2001];[2002:2006];[2007:2011];[2012:2016]) but that’s it. Now I would like to see the different results for each of these periods, so I could compare the evolution of the field.
I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I choose the option to use an ‘Original timescale’ but I can’t find how to include the four periods in the analysis. I have tried to slice the database, but that would not work either. Any insights on this? clues, tips, advices? Anything would be valuable.
Thanks in advance and congratulations for great work on Cortext, it is great!

matias.milia replied 6 years ago

I got this answer from Marc Barbier. I post it here so it will be available for the rest of the community.

“You are facing only a problem of correct parametring
After using the result of the script that is slicing Periods of time; you have to chose the following choice in the « Dynamics” subMenu of the “Net Working Analysis” script.
. Custom periods
. Recall the exact number of time slices you have built
. Choose « Regular »”

matias.milia replied 6 years ago