How to edit terms to be used in other analysis?

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xunxinya asked 5 years ago

Our question is that after we have done term extraction and edited some terms in the csv file and saved within the csv viewer/editor interface, we find out that these edited terms are not used in other analysis (for example, some terms that have been deleted in the csv file still appear). We wish to know how to get the edited terms to be used in further analysis (Demography/Epic Epochs/Network Mapping)? Thanks!

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Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Xunxinya, 
I’m sorry you encountered difficulties with the online csv explorer. The team is still working on fixing some bugs we have noticed.
In the mean time, we advise not to use the csv editor but to edit term files manually, meaning donwloading them, importing them with Google Sheets, then exporting them as tabulated separated value  files, renaming them such that the file extension is .csv and finally re-uploading them as a term list.
Then, it is possible to reindex the corpus against a clean list using corpus term indexer.
The successive steps are visually described following this link.
Note that the use of open office will greatly simplify the successive steps !
Good luck, and please keep me posted if anything goes wrong again 

xunxinya replied 5 years ago

After I found out the editor was not working I indeed tried to do it manually. It’s a bit more troublesome but everything worked just fine when I used the term list I uploaded. Thanks anyway for answering my question!