How to import search from Proquest in to Context Manager?

CorText Manager Q&A forumCategory: Data processingHow to import search from Proquest in to Context Manager?
horgan asked 6 years ago

Hi I’ve seen the example where you import a file from Web of Science in to the manager. I’m using the search engine ProQuest to generate a list of news articles for my particular topic. You use an extension .imi. What is that extension? Is that extension only  applicable to WebofScience? Can I save the ProQuest results in the same format? Thanks.
Appreciate you have to save file as a zip before uploading.

Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff replied 6 years ago

Unfortunately, parsing of Proquest results is not supported yet.
But it is definitely on the agenda of the platform future development.
I will let you know posting a new comment here when we have some ETA…

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horgan answered 6 years ago

Thanks for your response. I’m saving different newspaper articles as .txt files. Zip them etc.. I’m trying to run the Network Mapping script but I keep getting an error…no logs for error. Is it possible to do this? Or do I have to clean the script from the text tools? Sorry the error log arrived….


Apparently at least one of the network you produced is empty, please review the choice of your parameters (fields and proximity metric choice)