How to perform a time dependent/dynamic list?

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Agustin Mauro asked 2 years ago

I’m trying to build a list of authors for a 40 years period articles corpus.
For term extraction there is an option to extract terms dynamically choosing how many time slices there are. There is no similar option for list building. I imagine that if I try to build the list without the time dependent part then recent authors will be over-represented in the list because they have more articles. I could split the corpus in two, build two separated list and join them, but I imagine there is an easier option.

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Lionel Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Augustin,
True, there is not way to build lists using list builder script based on some pre-defined periods.
We have just deploy a new feature associated with Epic Epoch script: it is now able to produce a csv file which correspond to the bump graph. So:

  1. Define the number of top entity you want per period
  2. Select the way you want to build your periods (period slicer or period detector or directly defined using years)
  3. Download the csv file, and build a cross table in order to have author names in line and period in column
  4. Duplicate the first column with the author names in the second column, work on the second column to harmonized the names if needed
  5. Index back you dataset using list indexer script

I hope it helps