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Julien Pelet asked 2 years ago

I am currently mapping author networks in Cortext and complementing this analysis with a qualitative analysis of authors’ biography. Since conducting this qualitative analysis for all the authors is not feasible, I need to focus on samples from the different clusters. In order to evaluate the representativeness of these samples, I would like to get the total number of individuals per cluster, especially for big ones where counting them manually takes time. Is there a way in Cortext to access the metadata about the affiliation of authors to different clusters ?

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Lionel Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Julien Pelet,
Late answer. We hope it will still be useful for you!!
Yes, there are several ways to achieve your goal:

  • Download the .gexf file of the network, and explore the cluster’ composition using Gephi (, or some others tools you know. In the nodes tab of the data laboratory panel, cluster_label variable is the name of the different clusters and Label is the names of the nodes (authors);
  • Download the SQLite database of your corpus, open it using your sqlite db manager tool/software you are using (e.g., look at the clusters table: stream_label and cluster_univ_id columns are names and ids of the clusters and term is for nodes names (authors).

I hope it helps
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