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orianabras asked 1 year ago

Dear colleagues,
I have a corpus from Web of Science with a considerable number of non dated early access publications. Through list builder I can identify them and manually add them into the following year for simple statistics’ purposes. However, I would like to know if CorTexT counts these publications in a tubes layout for the network Terms x Terms, and if so, in which of the time slices does CorTexT place the non dated publications? I hope I could explain my doubt. Thank you very much for your collaboration!

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Lionel Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Oriana,
CorTexT Manager can count these Early Access publications if, and only if, the manual addition of year is stored in a field/table/variable named ISIpubdate. In CorTexT Manager web interface ISIpudate has the alias Year.
As ISIpubdate is also the name of the field used to store the year of the publications which have a publication year (so not Early Access), you may have to combine the two values. We recommend to process as follow:

  • Export all the ids of the publication with the publication dates, using corpus explorer (on ISIUT and Year for WOS). ANd export and download all the values in csv.
  • Add, in this file, the year of the early access publications. The early early access publications are easy to locate in this file, as the column Year is empty. So, you just have to fill the lines with no value for Year.
  • Rename the second column ISIpubdate. This name is important, it will tell CorTexT Manager to replace the original publication year.
  • Save the file, and change the extension of the file from .csv to .tsv
  • Upload and Apply this tsv file to the field Year using list indexer with Add a dictionary of equivalent strings = yes

All documents will now be included in temporal analysis.

I hope it helps!