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Déborah Abhervé asked 3 years ago

On the dashboard of each project, the scripts are arranged in chronological order. Is it possible to organise them differently? (according to the corpus, the results, the types of scripts… for example)
Thanks a lot !

Lionel Staff replied 3 years ago

see below!

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Lionel Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Déborah,
There is no way to change the antecchronological order of your jobs within a project dashboard.
But, you can filter the jobs (in order words, you can “organise them differently”):

  • Begin by displaying all your scripts
  • And Fitler by participant
  • Or Filter by dataset
  • Or Filter and search using the search form

See below some screenshots
I hope It helps!

Filter by dataset and participant

Search for something or filter by type of script