Wrong size hierarchy on Epic Epoch

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Rome asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I don’t know why but i’m having a problem generating an Epic Epoch script.
For some reason, Cortext won’t give me the size of the hierarchy I asked for. I never had this problem before.

For example, i’m trying to compare 10 items. But when i tell him “Size of the hierarchy : 10”, Cortext gives me 13 etc.

Any ideas ?

Best regards,


Lionel Staff replied 4 years ago

see below

2 Answers
Lionel Staff answered 4 years ago

Dear Rome,

It is the expected behaviour. If you read French, you could have a look to this similar question : https://docs.cortext.net/question/melange-epic-epoch/

Do not hesitate if you need more info!

Best regards


Rome replied 4 years ago


Si je lis le français, seulement je ne fais pas forcément le lien entre les titres des questions pour savoir si c’est le même sujet que le mien.
J’ai été lire la réponse, merci !

Rome replied 4 years ago

Du coup ma question peut être supprimée si vous voulez.

Lionel Staff answered 4 years ago

If you agree, it is interesting for us to keep the post to point out for some other users the French answer to this English question
It may help them 😊
Best regards