ERROR 500 – Internal server error.

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s4933504 asked 8 years ago

Hello, Is cortext Persian-language friendly? I have my data in Persian, saved them as txt. and then zipped them and import to cortext, but I receive this error  ERROR 500 – Internal server error Would you please help me with this? The error is related to language or to file format?    Regards

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Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 8 years ago

Did it happen when uploading the file ? It looks like a server error, your file may be very large and the connection with the server was lost before the end of the upload.In any case, persian should not be an issue a priori.Can you please try again on a smaller dataset and keep us posted?

s4933504 replied 8 years ago

Thanks for your comment. This time I imported smaller data (just about two pages; is that OK?), then the file got uploaded. However, this time another error appeared. I cannot parse the corpus since I see a yellow triangle! What is the problem? My data are in txt format not in csv. And then I zipped them. Can it be related to txt format? Or dirty data, for instance the file contains many punctuations?

Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff replied 8 years ago

You should probably choose txt format. I don’t really understand what may have gone wrong ? Could you please send us ( this 2 pages corpus such that we could investigate the issue more closely ? (and sorry for answering so late…)