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mhrousseau asked 5 years ago

Hello, We have been having trouble uploading and parsing our corpus. Basically, we have cleaned a dataset in openrefine, which we are trying to upload to Cortext as a CSV/Zip. However, when we parse the corpus, the script is not able to differentiate between the different columns, so it lumps them together all as one field. We have searched tutorials but haven’t found any solution – basically we are uploading as a ZIP, and labeling as a robust CSV,  with the date as month/year, however we are not sure how to ensure that the script can differentiate between the columns.  Any advice about exporting a corpus to parse would be most welcome! 

1 Answers
Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 5 years ago

Can you try with the csv format option when parsing the data ? (Instead of robust csv)

mhrousseau replied 5 years ago

Thank you! This seems to have worked!