thresholds for analysis of whole period and period slicing

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orianabras asked 8 years ago

Dear colleagues, I want to analyse several networks in my database for the whole period and also using period slicing. Up to now I have used the optimal threshold, however, it is very different in whole period maps and period ones. Is it more correct to produce these two types of maps using the same threshold? If so, which of the threshold should I use or how should I calculate it? Thank you very much for your attention and time.  

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Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 8 years ago

A priori I would advise to use the same threshold for every map if your idea is to have a comparative analysis of them. The resulting automatic Threshold shows in the log of the network mapping script. The generated pdf file also includes the final threshold value. Good luck for Valencia !!  

orianabras replied 8 years ago

Merci Jean-Philippe! I followed your advice 🙂