Time entries

Chiara asked 6 years ago

Hello, I have some problems with the recognition of the time entry. I have a csv file of newspaper articles and it includes publication dates (integers). At first I named the attribute column “years”, and Cortext did not recognise the time entry. The second time I named the column “ISIpubdate” and still it was not working. Could you please tell me how should I name the attribute with the time entry and what should I do to make it recognisable in the data parsing? Thank you very much

1 Answers
Jean-Philippe Cointet Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Chiara, 
Is the rest of the file being processed as expected ? 
Have you used the “robust csv” formatting option. If you used “csv” it may be worth trying the alternative “robust csv” option which should be less prone to bugs.
Please keep us posted, and don’t hesitate to send us a sample of your data file for further investigations…