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sfeverton18 asked 4 years ago

I’m analyzing US presidential inaugural addresses, and I used the period slicer to break the speeches into the following 12 periods:
In the network mapping function I selected “custom periods” (under “Dynamics”), and then entered “12” for the number of periods. However, the script returned 5 periods, and they do not appear to correspond to the 12 periods I identified using “period slicer.” The documentation for “Dynamical Settings” doesn’t discuss the “custom periods” function.

Lionel Staff replied 4 years ago

See below

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Lionel Staff answered 4 years ago

Dear Sean,
After using the result of the script that is slicing priods of time; you have to chose the following choice in the “Dynamics” submenu of the “Network Mapping” script:

  • Custom periods
  • Recall the exact number of time slices you have built
  • Choose “Regular“.

Note that if some periods are empty they won’t appear. It can be the case if a period do not have any document,  or if none of the document of a period is selected due to the chosen parameters to build the network (as with top nodes or filters on proximity measure…)!
I hope it helps !!
Lionel Villard

sfeverton18 replied 4 years ago

Thank you. I will try again